April IB Students of the Month. Pictured L-R: Andrew Gearing, Lidio Guerrero, Avery Glenn, Collin Lewis, Jay McKenzie, Elisha Sykes, Rose-Marie Bina, Godwin Ogunbambi

April IB Students of the Month. Pictured L-R: Andrew Gearing, Lidio Guerrero, Avery Glenn, Collin Lewis, Jay McKenzie, Elisha Sykes, Rose-Marie Bina, Godwin Ogunbambi

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East Millbrook Is…

East Millbrook Magnet Middle School offers the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and the A+ Creative Arts program. These magnet programs provide students with a comprehensive, inquiry-based education focusing on the Common Core State Standards, with an equal emphasis on the study of the eight academic subjects that are thematically linked with an arts-integration component. The approach combines knowledge and application with critical thinking through the use of integrated arts and thematic units built around the International Baccalaureate Programme’s Five Areas of Interaction (Community Service, Environments, Human Ingenuity, Approaches to Learning, Health/Social Education) students attain a global, realistic education emphasizing learning that extends beyond the textbook covers.


Transportation 2014 – 2015

WCPSS will put new practices into place for the 2014-15 school year with the goal of improving yellow bus service for families.  Starting May 30, families new to WCPSS must request transportation service when they enroll in school.  Please see below for more information.

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  • 8th Grade Picnic – Friday, June 5
    Attention 8th grade parents: The 8th grade picnic is coming up on Friday, June 5th. The school is providing the hot dogs and PTSA is providing the ice cream. Each team has been asked to bring special items to help complete the menu for the
    day. Owls have been asked to bring in drinks or bottles of water; Eagles have been asked to bring in chips; and Jaguars have been asked to bring cookies. 8th grade students may drop off the requested items with one of their team teachers before 7:30 a.m. on the 5th. The picnic has become a tradition that our outgoing 8th graders really look forward to as its one last chance to hang out with one another, sign yearbooks, and reflect on their middle school years. We thank you and the PTSA for supporting
    this culminating event!
  • Year-End Award Assemblies Schedules
    The year-end awards assemblies will be held as follows: 6th grade on Wednesday, June 3; 7th grade on Thursday, June 4; and 8th grade on Friday, June 5. Each assembly will begin at 8am in the auditorium. Space is limited and seating is on a first-come,
    first-served basis.
  • PTSA Meeting May 28
    The next meeting of the PTSA will be 6pm on Thursday, May 28 in the Media Center. This meeting will be to nominate/vote for officers for next year and to begin planning for a fall festival in November. The PTSA is especially interested in any business owners who may be interested in promoting their business at the fall festival. Pizza will be provided for those who can attend this meeting on the 28th.
  • 8th Grade Semi-Formal Dance – May 29
    The 8th grade semi-formal dance will be Friday, May 29. Tickets for the dance will be sold on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week. Individual tickets are $15 or two for $25. Students must be meeting promotion standards and have a signed permission form to purchase tickets. Tickets will not be sold on Friday nor at the door.
  • EOG Testing
    End-of-Grade Tests will be given this week beginning Wednesday, May 27. All students will test on the 27th and 28th. Eighth grade only will test on the 29th.
    As in years past, we will provide a free breakfast to all students on the day they are taking an End-of-Grade test. Any student who wishes to eat breakfast, for free, on the 27th or 28th will be able to do so. 8th graders only will be able to eat a free breakfast on the 29th.
    Please help your student do their very best on the EOGs by making sure they go to bed early the night before and that they arrive to school on-time.
    Please be aware that North Carolina testing guidelines do not allow students to have a cell phone with them in the class when they test, even if it is turned off. Please talk to your student about this and encourage them to either leave their phone at home or put it in their locker. If a phone were to go off in the middle of a test, it could result in the entire class having to re-test and we certainly do not want that.


  • Yearbooks Are Here!
    Yearbooks have arrived! Please make sure your student writes his/her name in ink in several different places in the book in case it is lost. There are a few additional yearbooks for sale in the Student Store for $29. Quantities are limited. The Student Store will be
    open each morning this week from 7 – 720 until all the books are sold.
  • EOG Testing Volunteers Needed
    With End-of-Grade testing just around the corner, we are in need of volunteers who can help us proctor. EOGs will be given on May 27 through May 29. If you are able to help proctor, please click the link to the sign-up genius page that has been created: EMMMS EOG Proctor Sign-Up
  • PTSA – Officer and Committee Chair Positions

    The PTSA is in the process of filling vacant officer and committee chair positions for next year.  If you are interested in becoming more active in the PTSA next year, please contact a PTSA officer:  Janice Cutler at *protected email*; Yolanda Ray at *protected email*; or Chandra Rigda at *protected email*.

  • Attn. 6th Grade Parents: Vaccine Required

    Attention 6th grade parents:  Your student is going to need more vaccines prior to coming back to school in August.  Beginning July 1, 2015 all 7th graders in NC will have to have the Tdap and Meningococcal vaccines before starting school.  This is an adjustment to the previous law which required 6th graders to have the Tdap vaccine.  Current 6th graders who had their Tdap vaccine in order to meet the requirements of the previous law will not have to get another Tdap shot.  They will only have to get the Meningococcal vaccine.  If you have any questions regarding this new law, please contact Ms. Hall in Student Services and she will be glad to help you.

  • After School Detention

    Please be aware that our After-School Detention program is now up and running. ASD is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:25 until 4:30. Students who are assigned ASD and do not attend are automatically assigned to In-School Suspension. Please see the Student Agenda for more information on ASD and student conduct.

  • School-Wide Grading Plan Info

    Please pay special attention to our school-wide grading plan which can be found on page 4 of the student agenda. Students who do not turn in an assignment when it is due will call their parent from the classroom and read from a script informing the parent that the work has not been done and that the student will be expected to stay after-school the next Wednesday unless the work is turned in. This procedure is intended to keep parents informed and prevent students from digging themselves a hole they cannot get out of. Teachers will not be able to speak with the parent as these calls are made because they will be busy teaching the class. Parents who wish to speak with the teacher are encouraged to email the teacher or call the office so that a time can be arranged for that discussion.

  • Parent Portal Reminder

    Do you want to be able to keep up with your child’s grades, attendance and discipline throughout the year instead of having to wait on a report card or contact from a teacher? Then you need a Parent Portal account. Forms are available in the main office or on the website. 

  • Twitter!

    East Millbrook is now on Twitter! We are Daring to Grow by exploring how to use this technology to keep our parents and community more informed. You can follow us at EMMMSCougars.

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